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Managing Partner / Biz Dev
about beto paredes
Beto’s background is extremely diverse, ranging from core software engineering, international sales, and sales organization management, business management to award-winning branding and web development. These innovations include the very first affiliate marketing backoffice payment system, the very first list management lead marketing system in the space, and Product2Web, one of the earliest advertiser platforms with over 100 advertisers doing 75,000+ transactions a month. He also built the prototype ad mobile platform with a partner who went on the become one of the top executives at Ad-Mob, Google’s multi-billion-dollar mobile advertising network.

Working for 16+ years in the technology development and entrepreneur space, many of his projects have seen revenues into the millions. He continues to launch successful companies and platforms to this day. An example of one of his long standing companies is Auto Search Technologies, Inc, a software business in the Automotive space currently with over 2,200 dealer clients.

Included in his list of client projects are the highly-successful 5Linx (Inc 500) and Jeunesse Skin Care. Beto’s companies have developed successful projects for Affiliate.com (Inc 500), Hydra Networks (Inc 500), Media Trust (Inc 500), LinkTrust (Inc 5000), Bluecoast Savings (Inc. 5000) and many more. With his team, Beto has launched over 2,000 client projects since 2002.
His accomplishments include major projects in:
Complex large system web development
Automotive sales technology
Direct response affiliate systems
Ad marketing mobile platforms
Massive online community development
National sales organization development
Medial industry sales
Online marketing and network marketing
Plus hundreds more (please see www.BetoParedes.com for details)
Through the Beto Paredes Family of Companies, there are over 50 full time employed professionals working world wide in the various brands. Beto also operates outsourced sales training for a national medical device company overseeing 800 sales reps nationwide. Their health care model is saving private practice with preventative-based early detection medical equipment. This is just one of the major projects Beto Paredes is involved in concerning national sales and personal development.

Beto has spent a large amount of his professional career traveling as a speaker to many state, national conventions and large audience forums. He has appeared on stage following major executives from Google, HP and other powerhouse industry leaders. He has participated in several convention panels in the automotive, IT, affiliate marketing, and software development industries. Included in this list are 2 panels at Affiliate Convention Denver and OfferVault's leadership summit at Ad-Tech.

For a full view into the Entrepreneurship and Business background of Beto Paredes please visit his website www.BetoParedes.com.
Clark Madsen
Founder / CEO
about Clark Madsen
Cark is a former teacher of the year, a master educator of other teachers, chief architect and developer of the ConTEXT technology platform. He created a program that turned the distractible cell phone and other devices into teaching tools. His technology has been used and refined in the education space for over 10 years.
Mark Wiseman
about Mark Wiseman
Mark, a technology sales and marketing executive, has been working in the education, healthcare and Technology space for several years. With a degree in Marketing along with being an owner/operator of multi-million dollar companies he has gained the experience, expertise, and relationships necessary to Market ConTXT INC and take it into the Global Market.
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